40 GenZ Slang Words & Relationship Lingo Explained

40 GenZ Slang Words & Relationship Lingo Explained

Written by R MONIKA

If you were born before the mid-90s or you don’t use social media you might not be aware of the Genz slang and if you know the Genz slang you might not know the meaning of those words because NO CAP I am serious, these Genz words don’t mean what they sound like. You might be wondering what No cap means. No cap means no lie or someone is being truthful, now read that sentence again. Got it?

    There are so many GenZ words that help the new generation define their relationships situations, problems, and also their daily life activities. Let's start with basic Genz-related queries GenZ and dig deep into these words and find the meaning and emotions behind them.  

What is the meaning of Genz?

GenZ is a term that refers to the generation born between the late 1990’s and early 2000s, people born in this period had access to technology from a young age. 

Millennials vs. GenZ

Millennials are a generation that was born between the 1980s to mid-1990s. In simple terms, millennials are those who used Facebook as their first social platform and GenZ are those who used Instagram as their first social platform. 

What is GenZ slang?

GenZ slang is a language widely used by Generation Z i.e., people born between the mid-1990s till 2010. They use these words, and phrases to communicate with each other in informal settings.

These are some common genz slangs:

  1.  "Fam"- Stands for Family
  2. "Salty"- Feeling upset, bitter, or annoyed about something.
  3.  "Savage" - Used to describe someone or something tough, fearless, or brutally honest.
  4. "GOAT" - Stands for Greatest of All Time
  5. "Woke" - Being aware of social and political issues, often associated with activism and social justice.
  6. "Vibing" - Feeling good or being in a positive mood, often used to describe a pleasant atmosphere or experience.
  7. "Low-key" - To do something quietly or discreetly, or to have a small amount of interest in something.
  8. "High-key" - The opposite of low-key, used to emphasize something obvious or strongly felt.
  9. "Bae" - Term of endearment for a romantic partner or significant other.
  10. "Simp" - Someone who goes to great lengths to impress someone they are attracted to, often at the expense of their dignity.
  11.  "Slay" - To excel or perform exceptionally well, often used to praise someone's style or appearance.
  12.  "Thirsty" - Desperate or eager for attention, validation, or approval, especially in romantic or social contexts.
  13.  "Stan" - A devoted and enthusiastic fan of a particular celebrity, artist, or public figure.
  14.  "Troll" - Someone who deliberately provokes or antagonizes others online for amusement or attention.
  15.  "Wig" - Expression of shock or amazement, often used to indicate that something is so impressive it has metaphorically "knocked someone's wig off.”
  16. "Lit" - Used to describe something exciting, fun, or excellent.
  17. "Slay" - To excel or perform exceptionally well, often used to praise someone's style or appearance.
  18. "Banger" - A particularly good or enjoyable experience, often used to describe a party or event.
  19. "Clout" - Influence, fame, or social status, especially within online communities.
  20. "Swag" - Style, confidence, or charisma, often associated with a cool or fashionable appearance.
  21. “YOLO” - You Only Live Once
  22. FOMO” - Fear of Missing Out
  23. “Finsta” - Fake Instagram I’d
  24. "I'm dead" - Used to express extreme amusement or surprise.
  25. "Spill the tea" - Refers to gossip or juicy information about someone or something.
  26. “Delulu is new solulu”- It means being delusional is the new solution. It's often used to refer to individuals who have unrealistic expectations or beliefs about love, relationships, or their own desirability.
  27. Sus” - It is a short for suspicious or suspect.
  28. "Cringe" - Used to describe something embarrassing, awkward, or uncomfortable to watch or experience.
  29. "OP" (Overpowered) - Used to describe something or someone that is exceptionally strong, dominant, or unbeatable in a given context, often in video games or sports.
  30. "Slaps" - It is used to describe music or food that is exceptionally good or enjoyable.


      Relationship GenZ Lingo 

      1. “Situationship” - A situationship blurs the lines between friendship and commitment, lacking defined boundaries or expectations. It's a romantic gray area where connection thrives amidst uncertainty.

      2. “Friendzone” -Refers to a situation where one person wants a romantic relationship, but the other person wants to remain friends, resulting in unrequited feelings.

      3. “Ghosting” - Ending a relationship or communication with someone abruptly and without explanation, typically in the context of online dating or texting.

       4. “Slide into DMs” - Initiating a private conversation with someone on social media platforms, particularly Instagram, with the intention of flirting or pursuing a romantic connection. 

       5. “Textlationship’ - A relationship primarily or exclusively based on texting or messaging, often lacking in-person interaction or deeper emotional connection.

       6. “Breadcrumbing” - Sending flirtatious but non-committal messages or signals to keep someone interested without making a serious commitment.

       7. “Catfishing” - Creating a fake online persona to deceive someone into a romantic relationship, often for personal gain or manipulation.

       8. “Friends With Benefits” - A relationship between two friends who engage in sexual activity without being in a committed romantic relationship.

       9. “Bae” - A term of endearment for a romantic partner or significant other, derived from "before anyone else."

       10. “Benching” - Keeping someone on the sidelines or in reserve as a potential romantic option, without fully committing to them or investing in the relationship. 



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