About Us

At Giftcarnation, we believe in Celebrating Emotions, One Gift Hamper at a time. Founded by Karishma Verma, a passionate individual driven by the desire to spread joy even during challenging times, our journey began amidst the pandemic.

Unable to celebrate occasions in person, Karishma realized the power of thoughtful gestures in expressing love and connection. Thus, Giftcarnation was born – an ode to celebrating emotions through customized hampers that speak volumes.

Karishma's vision is to touch hearts and create lasting memories through our wide range of personalized gifts. Whether it's birthdays, anniversaries, or just a spontaneous expression of love, Giftcarnation is here to make every moment special.

Join us in spreading smiles and celebrating the beauty of human connection!


Karishma Verma- Giftcarnation