5 women-centric movies to watch this Women’s Day 2024

5 women-centric movies to watch this Women’s Day 2024

Written by R MONIKA

Movies are the mirror of society, they can be exaggerated versions of reality but revolve around real emotions and societal issues. That may be why fewer movies are being made on women protagonists.   

        We love movies where a hero beats 10-15 people to save a girl and within a second, the girl falls in love with the hero at first sight and she dances with him, then marries him. That’s it. This is how a woman is being represented in most of the movies.   

         If you want to stand aside and want to watch movies that are based on women protagonists or women's issues, here are the top women-centric movies: 

1. The Great Indian Kitchen on Amazon Prime

          This Malayalam movie talks about the daily life struggles of an Indian housewife. Every frame of this movie is filled with daily house chores like every Indian housewife’s daily life. But it never saturates us maybe it’s the way it was shot or the storytelling behind it.  

          This movie beautifully translates the subtle sexism that exists in our society into the visual medium. The climax of this movie is not only to take an act of revenge from her husband but rather it’s a tight slap to society.



2. Pink 

           Pink, the movie title may sound sexist but don’t judge the movie by its title because, this movie deals with a very crucial problem i.e., consent. and The famous dialogue from this movie is “No Means No”, This dialogue shows us when a woman says No, it must be taken as a No. This dialogue triggers all the stereotypical dialogues like “Ladkiyon ke na me haan hota hai” (when a girl says no, what she means is yes).  




 3.Kill Bill


      Kill Bill is a movie about a woman who takes revenge on a guy who has killed her child. The protagonist is a ruthless woman who can go to any extent to take revenge. Usually, in most movies, if women get hurt, the male lead is the one who takes care of everything but here, she is the one who kills all her enemies mercilessly.  

        Women are portrayed as an avatar of patience, empathy, even God, and everything but human. Movies glorify them but this movie turns the whole situation upside down and shows us the human inside a woman. If you are a human you have all the emotions from happiness, and sadness, to jealousy, revenge, etc., irrespective of your gender.  And it is the movie that captures all of it from a mother’s love to the revenge for her child.


4. Sara’s from Amazon Prime

            This story revolves around a girl named Sara, who wants to become an independent filmmaker. but she falls in love and gets married. And struggles to achieve her goal because of the societal pressure to get pregnant. 

            This movie breaks societal norms like “woman has to give birth to a child after marriage” Getting pregnant is not considered as a choice of a woman but rather as a duty. 




5. Gangubhai Kathiawadi from Netflix

                       Sanjay Leela Bhansali has taken the story of a revolutionary sex worker of Kamathipura and made a masala movie out of it. This movie can be portrayed as a sad story of Ganga, instead, Bhansali took a u-turn and made a stylish masala film that made us clap and cheer for Gangubhai instead of weeping The stylish attitude, elegant dance, and dialogue of Gangubhai made this film stand aside of the crowd.

            If you are done with screaming and clapping for the male lead, here is the emotion-filled yet stylish women-centric movie.




             We have explored all kinds of movies irrespective of their genres, language, and popularity.  And found out that there are very few movies that truly speak the voice of females and the issues they face. There can be various reasons behind it but we need to encourage and appreciate movies that address issues like sexism because as I said movies are the mirror of society and we should focus on making it clearer and more visible so that it could reflect the society as it is. 

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