“Say I Do” to all the Personalized Wedding Gift Ideas under 5000

“Say I Do” to all the Personalized Wedding Gift Ideas under 5000

Written by R MONIKA 

Every Indian believes that in a wedding “Shagun ka lifafa” is MORE THAN ENOUGH for gifting the bride and groom. But they don’t notice that a wedding is not just another annual celebration like Diwali or Holi, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime kind of celebration where the bride and groom make promises to live with each other till their last breath. 

As a friend or a relative of the bride or groom don’t you think it’s our responsibility to give them the gifts they cherish their whole life? The gifts that reflect their love and bond. The gift that will remind them of the little fights they had, the butterflies they felt in their stomach while seeing each other walking down the aisle, the eyes filled with tears while exchanging the rings, in the future when all that is left is their wedding memories and some wedding gifts which they have kept because they thought it’s precious. 

Do you also want to give precious gifts to the bride and groom, which they will keep till the end? 

Here are some personalized wedding gift ideas under 5000. Give the bride and groom the gifts within the money range you put in “Shagun ka Lifafa”.


1. The Perfect Gift Basket for Couples from         Giftcarnation


      Where everyone will be gifting the same store-bought gifts- clocks, bride and groom statues. You can gift them Giftcarnation’s perfect gift basket for couples”, the floral and net-decorated wooden basket is filled with Zara perfume for men and women, Giftcarnation Scented Candles, and artificial plants. 

You may ask, then what is unique in this? How does this differ from the “store-bought” gifts? Hold on a second, the list is not finished yet. 

Giftcarnation allows you to customize the hamper. Does any store-bought gift include this option? They give you a “little thick paper” to stick on the gift in the name of customization. But Giftcarnation allows you to send a personalized message, photographs of the couples, and customized unbreakable champagne glasses




2Memory Book


     If you want to give the newlyweds something that is only made for them then you should make a customized memory book. In the memory book, you can add pictures of them in their childhood, their teenage and some school and college, to give them an overview of their life and to make them realize how both of them were perfectly made for each other.  




3. Family Tree


        In India, we say “in wedding the marriage is not only between bride and groom but also between two families. from the moment they exchange the promises, these two families have to be there for each other in their highs and lows. To reflect this relationship in your gift, you can give them the family tree, in which you can show how two different paths have merged to become one.



4. Personalized Artwork or Portrait


     Who doesn't like the picture of themselves? Yes, I know what is going on in your mind,  that already the couple will get a lot of pictures and on top of that they would have booked the photographer to take the pictures to make the photo album. To stand out from everyone you can make their pictures made by an artist to add a more personalized touch. 





 5. Perfect Gift for Couples from Giftcarnation

       You may ask how this hamper is different from the earlier one from the Giftcarnation. This hamper is for all the black lovers out there. It contains a reusable Giftcarnation signature box which is filled with Mr. and Mrs. unbreakable wine glasses, photo frames, personalized messages, and photo cards

Does it still sound the same? No, it is not the same. Because this hamper gives you two customized passport covers for the couple, to remind them that they need to travel to explore themselves as an individual and as a couple.


                Give the bride and groom the Giftcarnation’s premium and personalized gift hamper because as I said wedding is an ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME thing and for occasions like this, you need a gift that is worth giving.




                   As we end the exploration, we now know how wedding gifts have always been the least priority but we also learned how important wedding gifts are. And that is the reason, We have explored different kinds of personalized gifts in this blog. From Giftcarnation’s perfect couple hamper where the customization has reached its peak to a family tree and memory book where you can make the bride and groom shed happy tears. 

      But what we have learned from all of this is, that it doesn’t matter how much money you have spent on any of the gifts. The one who makes some kind of effort to make that gift or to make it more personalized will be remembered.

         And in case you think you haven't found the gift you think that can be more special, you can make your own box from the Giftcarnation's website. Click here to make your own box.

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